Achieving the art of the possible - a Cloud2 Digital Transformation success story

Achieving the art of the possible

It takes away the repetitive need for very basic reports. My team can now focus on more complex analytics such as predictive analytics, rather than telling the organisation what it's just done.

Achieving the art of the possible

“It takes away the repetitive need for very basic reports. My team can now focus on more complex analytics such as predictive analytics, rather than telling the organisation what it’s just done.”

When Paul Morris first contacted Cloud2, his team at The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust were drowning in a sea of rudimentary report requests. Now, thanks to Meson-BI, they’re steadily sailing towards a brighter future.

When Paul Morris, the Head of Business Intelligence at The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust first contacted Cloud2, his team were struggling.

Although Paul and his organisation had a business intelligence solution in place, it was unfit for purpose.

Senior staff members within the organisation either didn’t know where to get the data they needed to make decisions or simply didn’t have access to it. As is often the case in such situations, an email to Paul’s team would invariably result.

“The biggest frustration my team had was having to do the same tasks, repetitively, over and over again. We’d have to email one specific report out to one specific person, because that was the report that that person wanted at that specific time.”

And it wasn’t as if the team had the information requested at their fingertips, either. More often than not, they’d have to source the data from multiple locations before collating it into bespoke, user friendly reports that a consultant or clinician could actually work with.

Fighting a losing battle

The constant influx of requests meant the team had to battle just to keep their heads above water. They’d been hired to improve the Trust’s efficiency. But they’d become firefighters, distributing data on demand and falling further and further behind.

It quickly transpired that the Trust’s current system was failing, and that Paul needed a solution tailored to his organisation’s specific needs.

“We initially created some bespoke ASP pages, then moved on to a SharePoint site. That was when it became clear we wanted to use the SharePoint software, but that we needed a partner to help us develop a highly configurable solution.”

Paul openly admits that, given enough time and resource, his existing SharePoint solution could have been developed into something more appropriate by his internal team.

But in an organisation like the NHS, time and resource are the world’s most valuable commodities.

So Paul contacted Cloud2 to see if we could help. As he puts it:

“What I didn’t want to do was start from scratch again - because that would take time that we didn’t have. I needed something that I could deliver rapidly and that I could get out to the organisation with as little configuration as possible.
I needed to provide the users with the ability to generate their own reports, so they didn’t have to keep requesting the information from us and so that my team could focus on the predictive analytical support that the Trust needed.”

From briefing to installation… in less than eight weeks

Where others may have had to build something from the ground up, Cloud2’s Meson-BI was already 80% of the way there.

Where others may have had to strip away legacy systems, Cloud2’s solution integrated neatly with the Trust’s existing solutions.

And where other solutions may have taken up to a year to deploy, Cloud2 had Paul’s Trust up and running on Meson-BI within the eight weeks!

“Implementing the Meson-BI framework meant we were able to rapidly deploy a fully-fledged solution within eight weeks - from engagement to go live, which is exactly what I was looking for. It’s enabled us to deliver the high quality user experience that we were after.
The KPI features allow us to put performance metrics at the fingertips of users, without them having to search multiple areas to find them. As the KPIs are refreshed daily - automatically, without us having to click a button - consultants and clinicians are able to make decisions within a day or two instead of a month or two.”

A solution capable of adapting over time

That’s not to say we got everything right first time. But any tweaks that were necessary were purely cosmetic. And we’d left Paul’s team with a working knowledge of how to further develop Meson-BI to adapt to future needs - which meant they were able to tweak the majority of the design elements themselves.

“Surprisingly enough, this has been one of the smoothest projects I’ve ever been involved in. We were easily able to overcome the cosmetic challenges ourselves, and when we came up against anything that we couldn’t resolve the Cloud2 project team responded really quickly.
We had over 300 unique users log in and use the system within the first 3 or 4 days - and feedback has been extremely positive across the entire organisation.”

Moving the Trust closer to its targets

When Paul first contacted Cloud2, an unfit for purpose BI solution meant his team were valiantly fighting a losing battle.

They were overworked, underutilised and unable to add any significant value to the organisation.

But then, a lot can change in eight weeks.

We worked with Paul to get his team back on track. And had his BI solution up and running in weeks.

Paul’s team are no longer manually collating data from multiple sources: They’re no longer a team of email respondents and they’re no longer stuck manually distributing figures.

Instead, they’re developing algorithms that prevent re-admittance. And they’re using predictive analytics to help the Trust meet its targets.

Meson-BI didn’t just save the team from manually distributing figures.

It freed up their time so they could move the Trust forward.

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