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Wouldn’t it be nice if BI staff were free to focus on what really matters?

BI teams can be a tremendous asset for any organisation. But less so if their days are spent wrestling with outdated reporting tools to produce largely static reports.

Power BI (running in the Microsoft cloud) enables BI teams to present and share data in visual, intuitive and interactive ways quickly and easily - so all departments can access, explore and understand the right data whenever they need it - even on their mobile device. And imagine a world where end users can create their own data visualisations by simply typing in a question, the sort of question they’d typically email to the BI team! With its powerful and intuitive self-serve features, the highlight of which is the smart Q&A tool, Power BI allows end users to create their own data visualisations, save and share them in just seconds!

Power BI frees up the BI team to focus on data quality and data analysis. It also enables all users to monitor and share performance statistics and uncover new insights quickly and easily – leading to better and quicker decisions and improved performance.

Additional collaboration features become available for Power BI when it’s used alongside our other digital workspace solutions - just ask us for more information.

This is how we help:

Meson Analytics delivers Microsoft Azure cloud, data warehouse migration and Power BI from `strategy to adoption’ to enable your digital transformation journey.

We combine global best practice with sophisticated Power BI accelerators, methodologies and real world practical experience to optimise Power BI design, development, automation and adoption for actionable, intelligent insights.


  • Our Power BI Readiness Assessment contains over 40 questions that help you consider various aspects in your planning and strategy
  • Our business case template guides you in selecting the right BI technologies for your organisation. It helps you consider your options, calculate costs, identify risks and analyse scope, dependencies and timescales
  • We help you engage with your stakeholders to identify their objectives for Power BI so you improve the quality of the results you deliver
  • Our risk assessment template is designed to support GDPR and highlights 20 key risks that need to be assessed, how they can be mitigated, risk responsibility and residual risk level

Phase One

  • We can provide you with Power BI licences as we’re a Cloud Solution Provider
  • We provide advice and guidance on the set up and configuration of Power BI to support your organisational structure and security needs
  • Our Power BI Kick-starter package is designed to accelerate your use of Power BI and your data within a limited budget. The Kick-starter includes requirements and data analysis based on our Measure Matrix methodology, design and layout templates, cube / dataset, report and dashboard development and structured knowledge transfer. The project deliverables will enable you to fully familiarise yourself with the features and benefits of Power BI, help you better understand your data and requirements and enable you to discover new and previously hidden insights
  • The Adoption Pack complements our Kick-starter package and delivers a combination of structured, instructor led training and report builder training
  • We’ve developed a number of Power BI templates and invested close to 100 man-days to help you get the best out of Power BI. These are based on global best practice design and layouts, custom visualisations and cube development with user guides and factsheets to help you adopt Power BI in your organisation

Phase Two

  • We offer end-to-end support services for Power BI ranging from ad hoc development days to structured support packages with Service Level Agreements

“We can very quickly plug into various sources of local and national data and all the visualisations update automatically, in real time – you don’t need someone to refresh it manually. It’s been a real game-changer for us, it’s now used daily on an operational level, to manage areas of performance such as Theatres, Outpatients and A&E and we can now very quickly adapt to changes or share with commissioners.”

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