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Hadron solution from Cloud2

In just a few weeks’ time, you could be changing the way you all work with a Modern digital workspace and intranet people actually enjoy using.

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Maybe you’re grappling with a clunky, out-of date-intranet; or you are determined to become an efficient digital business. Whatever the reason, Hadron gives a modern digital workspace that handles your content, enables collaboration and business processes.

Modern intranets are vast, complex business applications, that encompass content and documents, collaboration, communication, business processes and people - skills that sit at the heart of the modern digital workspace. You can’t do all that quickly without prior experience and hope to succeed; in fact over half of all such projects fail.

So you will understand why we like to shout about how we routinely give our clients an intranet that can be up and running in eight weeks (or even faster). And that ticks every box you need it to and goes on to develop as your business needs change.

It took us years to develop, so you don’t have to. We’ve purposefully built Hadron by configuring SharePoint and the related technology stack in clever, manageable ways, giving you an cost-effective, out-of-the-box intranet. And it keeps getting better; version 8 was released in early 2018 and was the most sophisticated platform yet for on-premises SharePoint, supporting SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019. Version 8.5, released 6 months later, is a major rebuild to switch to the SharePoint Modern technology that underpins SharePoint Online and Office 365. With our annual licence model, you get access to our roadmap and all the updates and releases that provides.

Of course, it’s not a locked down, out of the box intranet; it’s absolutely customised for your organisation. You let us know what you need; we turn the dials.

You get to ensure your colleagues can find the people, information and documents they need to do their jobs brilliantly, with improved assurance, flexibility and control. We support you with your strategy, implementation and adoption, so your staff get an intranet that does everything they need it to, and they get it soon. Because we have done this hundreds of times before, we can get started even when you’re unsure of exactly what everyone needs. You just need to have a little trust.

Hadron is used by organisations large and small, across many sectors. If you are in the health sector, even better, as we have particular knowledge, expertise and solutions for NHS Trusts and related organisations.

As with all Cloud2 engagements, we can help you with strategy, implementation, adoption and ongoing support to ensure your intranet continues to fit your business. This reduces risks but also gives you more time to focus on aspects that we know matter the most to you: great content, collaboration features, proper resourcing and a real focus on supporting adoption.

In the end it took just eight weeks from deployment to launch – I couldn't believe how quick the turnaround was. Before Hadron, just 10% of people were ‘completely satisfied’ with our intranet. A year on, we’re at 96%. We have a clear communication structure and the intranet has become part of the language and culture of the Trust.

See Hadron in action

Your organisation is unique. To see if Hadron meets your specific requirements (and to see it in action) request a free demonstration now. We’ll arrange a convenient time to show you how it works and what it looks like. (We actually quite enjoy talking about intranets and technology.)

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Connect solution from Cloud2

Introducing Connect: a unique enterprise hub.

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Cloud2’s enterprise hub, Connect, is a step change from traditional staff directories.

In any modern enterprise, people, their organisational and physical relationships are essential for business productivity. Facilitating their ability to connect more easily results in them working faster, more efficiently and more dynamically. Hadron Connect is a friendly enterprise hub designed to drive business agility by connecting people, their teams and locations in one intuitive and self-serve digital workspace.

I no longer have to go knocking on people’s doors to find colleagues. As a comprehensive employee engagement hub, it’s easy to find staff details, ascertain their place in the Trust’s hierarchy, and work with teams across different locations.
  • Find colleagues and skills instantly
  • Understand teams, their processes and structures
  • See your locations and the facilities they offer
  • Scale across a few dozen to tens of thousands of users
  • Be up and running in days

Connecting people, teams and locations

Connect can be standalone or built into Hadron. Quite simply, it lets your staff ‘see’ the business as they have never seen it before and reach out to the correct touch points in your organisation when they need to.

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Business Processes solution from Cloud2

Keep everyone on the same page.

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Paper-based processes slow organisations down, introduce human error and leave staff dispirited.

Interactive, electronic business processes are different. They guide staff through common procedures – such as HR, procurement or diagnoses operational activity. They tackle all the problems associated with paper-based processes at once, and you can introduce them as part of Hadron or as a standalone feature.

Using advanced workflow and Microsoft Azure technologies has given us new capabilities to transform our trust and help support our Carter objectives.
  • Reduce human error
  • Hit paperless targets
  • Minimise storage costs
  • Improve record keeping
  • Increase efficiency

To find out how much you stand to gain, contact us

There’s a lot take in there – and we’ve barely scratched the surface. To get answers to your specific questions, just enter your details below. We’ll arrange a convenient time to show you what the above digital workspace solutions can do for you, offering free advice and ideas.

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