Flexible, intelligent cloud solutions that adapt to your unique, changing organisational needs, whilst maximising existing investments.

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Migrate existing IT applications, services and infrastructure to the cloud, make life easier for IT and give staff the freedom to work from anywhere.

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The cloud has the ability to transform not just your IT, but also your business.

You may be nervous or confused about moving to the cloud. Don’t be.

There is a lot to think about, such as choosing the right cloud platform and services, working out how to migrate your existing IT infrastructure and making the most of your Office 365 investments. You may also have concerns about security, governance, costs and the ongoing management of your move to the cloud.

However, there is a lot to gain too. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you understand all the above, make the right choices and map out your journey

We work with you at three stages: strategy, implementation and adoption. We make sure migrating to the cloud follows your priorities, not the vendors and we guide you around the bear traps and through the various reward gates.

We can run value discovery workshops and help develop a business case. We can develop proof of concepts and devise real ROI calculations. We can move your systems over with minimal downtime and disruption. And, critically, we can ensure staff adopt your new way of working.

You get the benefits of migrating to the cloud without the risks. And you could save £millions.

Improve productivity with Office 365

Office 365 isn’t just Word etc. in a browser. It’s a massive suite of business tools including storage, collaboration, messaging, document management, business process and tools for engaging colleagues across and beyond your business.

Moving staff to Office 365 is simple enough. Maximising the return on an Office 365 investment is another thing entirely.

Cloud2 can help with both, but we think the latter is critically important and too often overlooked.

Unlike some organisations, we’re not so keen on simply ticking boxes. Instead, we work with you on your Office 365 strategy and its adoption, as well as setting it all up correctly. That even covers the really hard stuff like your digital workspace and business intelligence.

We work with you at every stage of the process, ensuring all holes are plugged (it’s not just email migration; there’s so much more to do and to benefit from).

Armed with the right strategy, technical know-how and experience, there’s little to prevent your switch over from going smoothly.

So your staff are delighted with the move, and you achieve more.

Moving our SQL Servers into Azure is actually an exciting prospect now. We’re expecting to save £11.3m over the next three years. What's even more exciting is that the investment we'll be making into Office 365 will not only give our staff the freedom to work from wherever they are but the financial investment will be recovered in two months!

To find out how much you stand to gain, contact us

There’s no blanket answer on this. The return for your organisation, as you can expect, is going to be unique. That said, it is definable, can amount to millions and is often realised in a matter of years. To find out what you stand to gain, get in touch. Fill in your details below and we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps.

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