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Wouldn’t it be nice if BI staff were free to focus on what really matters?

BI teams are one of an organisations greatest assets. But not when their days are spent producing, checking and distributing basic and static reports (many similar to ones before) whilst wresting with IT and data.

Power BI (running in the Microsoft cloud) enables BI teams to present and share data in visual, intuitive and interactive ways quickly and easily - so all departments can access, explore and understand the right data whenever they need it - even on their mobile device. And imagine a world where end users can create their own data visualisations by simply typing in a question, the sort of question they’d typically email to the BI team! With its powerful and intuitive self-serve features, the highlight of which is the smart Q&A tool, Power BI allows end users to create their own data visualisations, save and share them in just seconds!

Power BI frees up the BI team to focus on data quality and data analysis. It also enables all users to monitor and share performance statistics and uncover new insights quickly and easily – leading to better and quicker decisions and improved performance.

Additional collaboration features become available for Power BI when it’s used alongside our other digital workspace solutions - just ask us for more information.

Power BI kick-start packages

If you’re interested in Power BI, or have already invested in Power BI, then you want to understand how to get the most out of the technology and realise a return on your investment as quickly as possible – and that’s why we offer our kick-start packages.

Our kick-start packages deliver a Power BI data set, report and dashboard that presents your data in an optimised form (cross checked against our 30 best practices for Power BI). We even have a suite of Power BI accelerators (pre-built data sets, reports and dashboards) which we load your data into – allowing us to present your data back to you in hours not days.

We include a full handover and knowledge transfer in all our kick-start packages. In addition, we offer ongoing support and guidance to maintain the great direction and momentum you’ll now have.

We’re confident that our kick-start packages will help you understand more about Power BI and how to get the most out of it to significantly improve your success and adoption rates across your organisation.

Power BI is really powering our 'digital tomorrow' strategy: we get instant information, that is easily digestible and allows us to quickly act on the insights it provides. We're making better decisions to move our vision forward.

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You no doubt have your own frustrations to overcome and requirements to fulfil. Is Power BI the right tool for you? How could it benefit your individual organisation? These are all questions we answer as part of a free demonstration. To move your research forward just get in touch. We’ll answer your questions and, if you’d like, arrange a convenient time to show you Power BI in action. Just fill in the form below.

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