Strategy. Implementation. Adoption.

Far too many companies are concerned solely with implementing digital workspaces. When, really, the technology's just the tool kit, not the end game.

That’s what we think, anyway. After delivering digital solutions to more than 300,000 users over the years, we’ve developed a more-rounded methodology that we know works well.

Instead of simply focusing on implementation, we approach problems with strategy, implementation and adoption in mind.


You know where you are today. And you most likely have an idea of where want to be. We help pinpoint where you could be, then we help you get there given your current resources and the technology available to you.

At this stage, we’re usually facilitating value discovery workshops, developing business cases, implementation plans, communications frameworks and ROI calculations. All tailored to your needs, of course.

A clear strategy ensures any solutions you opt for fit your needs today and can grow and adapt as you advance.


After the strategic thinking, it’s time to set the wheels in motion. From the word go we set real expectations around time, costs and benefits to ensure projects don’t drag.

An iterative process ensures your project hits its milestones. It also resolves issues, tracks progress and calls in the right project team members at the right times, keeping things efficient.

Importantly, implementation is always geared towards making sure your solutions are ultimately adopted. It’s never an end in itself.


Far too often, governance, communication and training are given too little attention too late in the day. It’s risky business. Adoption can make or break a project’s actual success (and the rewards that come with it).

Working alongside you and your team, Cloud2 can support the successful rollout of any solutions you wish to implement, helping you achieve your objectives and realise your promised ROI.

By installing the right solutions in the first place – and then by making sure they’re widely adopted – you empower your people do better and achieve more. So that’s what we help you with. It’s an end-to-end process.

And, thanks to our customised but out-of-the-box solutions, it’s a process that can be completed in weeks. Not years.


Here to help

We know implementing a new digital workspace can be daunting. That’s why we’ve developed a choice of support packages for you. These make it easy and seamless for you to manage our solutions.

Responsive support - break fix support with SLAs

  • Occasional – whenever it’s needed
  • Any issue and query
  • Remote – phone or web
  • Application support | Platform support | IT and infrastructure

Flexible support - Maintenance for applications and platforms

  • Package of pre-paid blocks of time
  • Whenever it’s needed
  • Training, knowledge transfer, consultancy or further development
  • Onsite (if needed)
  • Application support | Platform maintenance | IT and infrastructure