Digital Transformation

(Or, how you can improve staff productivity and increase efficiency with 21st century technology).

Few people have really grasped what digital transformation is all about. But the above phrase sums it up nicely.

It’s about moving from analogue ways of working to digital ways of working to improve staff communication, productivity and efficiency. And the benefits are biggest for organisations who struggle to stay on the same page.

  • Advanced intranets, for example, can glue big businesses together
  • Digital analytics can uncover and make sense of so-say “big” data
  • Central, electronic business processes can keep processes uniform
  • Digital workspaces ensure staff can do their jobs from anywhere
  • And digitally empowered people can learn from one another, no matter where they are in the world

By replacing traditional ways of working with new, digital technologies, organisations empower their people to do better and achieve more.

Digital transformation in your organisation

In practice, digital transformation can be complex.

Cloud2 work with organisations aware of the benefits of digital transformation to help them achieve their goals. Should you wish to make the move, we offer intranets, analytics, business processes, cloud computing expertise and good old fashioned know-how to help you realise your goals.

Our tech helps keep the switch smooth, too. We use familiar Microsoft applications that we customise for your business. And with a focus on strategy, implementation and adoption, you’re never left to get on with it at any stage.

It’s an approach that now sees over 25% of the NHS working with us.

So they can improve standards and patient care despite shrinking budgets.