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Accelerating trusts’ ‘digital tomorrow’ visions

Healthcare organisations across the UK are facing significant challenges around information and data driven reporting.

With the media’s attention targeted on buzzwords such as ‘big data’, ‘predictive analytics’ and ‘strategic insights’, healthcare organisations are becoming acutely aware of the fact that performance targets need to be met and the answers to better decision making are tied up in historic and archived data.

Although sourcing this data isn’t too complicated there are some issues to bear in mind: data needs to be transformed into a format that can be reported on, allowing teams to build dashboards that are both user-friendly and insights-driven; then executives, managers and analysts need to be able to draw insights and share these thoughts with the broader organisation to see the true potential in enterprise BI.

Given the pressures put on NHS organisations to meet performance targets; the need for managers and executives to have reliable data to make better decisions is critical. Cloud2 is working closely with a number of NHS trusts on building new enterprise BI architectures and to help these trusts leverage Power BI to explore their data in highly flexible ways in real time and use visualisation tools that make insights more intuitive and persuasive.

Current accelerator reports Cloud2 is working on, in partnership with two of the Northern acute trusts are the key priorities for ED, theatres, RTT, re-admissions, Cancer and workforce (ESR). These partner trusts are working on this project are now using Power BI to drive changes in clinical outcomes and are able to build reports and dashboards with great visual impact, in real-time in a very cost effective manner.

Mark Robinson, Business Intelligence Lead at Cloud2 said,

The trusts are well ahead of the curve in adopting Power BI for theatres reporting to deliver rapid insights for operational managers and clinicians. Theatres is one of a number of accelerators including ED, RTT we’re developing in partnership with NHS Acute trusts

Taran Sohal, Director at Cloud2 concluded:

Power BI is poised to bring NHS reporting into the 21st century with its breadth of capability and extremely competitive pricing model.

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