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Latest blog post: Power BI in the NHS

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I was asked to write a blog, my first ever. So, I thought I’d share the various aspects of the discussions I have with NHS organisations about Power BI. (A non-technical view, may I add).

Power BI Desktop update – feature of the month (Apr 18)

This month Microsoft released 14 updates for Power BI: 5 reporting | 2 analytics | 3 data connectivity | 4 other

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Solving business problems first

As a developer, I’m often in meetings where users are discussing their requirement to build a mobile application or their requirement to build an intranet application; which is fine but I believe the correct approach should be to separate the functionality discussions from the interface discussions.

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Hadron digital workplace review, by James Dellow

These days intranet solutions for SharePoint come in all sorts of flavours, however many of them are intended only to solve internal communication needs or, in other cases, have been intentionally designed to hide the complexity of SharePoint behind a custom interface.

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Data capture in Power BI

We recently completed some development work for a customer who wanted to display Power BI reports and dashboards and capture associated commentary and data through one common interface.

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70-20-10 approach to Power BI development

The context: On starting a Power BI development project, most if not all the talk will be about reports and dashboards. This naturally means that reports and dashboards are seen as the deliverable’s of the project, particularly by the stakeholders and end users.

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Microsoft Teams - hints and tips

Microsoft Teams is a fairly recent addition to Office 365, pitched as the go-to collaboration and teamwork space. It has a straightforward set of features to help small, active teams work together and is focused on speed and agility rather than process and control.

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Intranet redesign

Use Top Tasks to focus your intranet redesign

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Power BI - feature of the month

The feature we’ve picked out as the highlight for this month is bookmarking.

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Email and Outlook best practice

Email is no longer the business enabler it once was. Too many people receive more email in a day than they can read. Important information is lost in the noise of irrelevant or less important emails. It becomes impossible to notice or find the critical information when you need it.

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I’m a recovering SharePoint addict

Hello, I'm Simon and I have a problem. 10 years ago, I fell in with a bad crowd and started doing SharePoint.

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‘Putability’ - More thoughts on Office 365 for collaboration

My thinking has evolved a little further with regards to using Office 365 collaboration since my last blog. This is driven by some further investigation into the recent upgrades to Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.

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Office 365 collaboration - somewhere between easy and hard

The Microsoft story around collaboration has never been a straightforward one, with different styles of collaboration from Email, through Skype and into SharePoint.

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Remove a Power BI dashboard page

If you need to remove a Report Page that you’ve pinned to a Power BI Dashboard as a Live Page, don’t despair! Unpinning such a Report Page is easy – once you know where to click and when to scroll.

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Manual vs Repeatable vs Automated BI

BI solutions can take many forms, and use may different technologies; however all BI solutions fall into one of 3 categories and will share many similarities with other BI solutions in the same category.

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The right solution to the wrong problem

Not every problem can be resolved with SharePoint. Providing a fix for this particular NHS issue called for a simple approach.

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