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Latest blog post: Hadron digital workplace review, by James Dellow

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These days intranet solutions for SharePoint come in all sorts of flavours, however many of them are intended only to solve internal communication needs or, in other cases, have been intentionally designed to hide the complexity of SharePoint behind a custom interface.

Intranet redesign

Use Top Tasks to focus your intranet redesign

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A LEAN on the Carter Report

Having read through the Carter Report “Review of operational productivity in NHS providers Interim Report (June 2015)” I was struck.

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Simple steps to branding bliss

Branding is used by organisations to distinguish between products or services. Every organisation should have a current set of brand guidelines that details style and tone across each platform.

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The impact of EU Data Protection Regulation on your SharePoint Collaboration Solution

The purpose of this blog post is to open your eyes to the real challenges we face right now due to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Agile projects - a personal insight into why I like them

My twelve-year career as a contractor has meant that I have worked in a variety of organisations, and this breadth of experience has allowed me to gain some insight into the different methods of working.

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Up, up and away!

Handling the Office 365 migration while keeping it on course.

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On your marks…

It’s a high risk strategy but don’t assume a new undertaking can’t be achieved within a very short time frame.

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Thinking BI - Think Audit First

According to Wikipedia, an audit is a systematic and independent examination of data, statements, records, operations and performances for a stated purpose.

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Doctor! There’s Something Wrong with my SharePoint!

As busy medics for a wide range of applications, we’ve pretty much seen every performance issue and even mixed up some of our own medicine for making them better.

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