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Latest blog post: How to design… anything

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User interfaces are an important part of any product because that’s the part a customer experiences.

The Hadron EMBED Series - SharePoint Governance

The OED defines it as the act of ‘governing’ or ‘to govern’ which determines ‘conduct of the policy, actions of (a state, organisation or person) with authority)’

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The Hadron EMBED Series - The Intranet Audit

So, now that you have implemented and deployed a new corporate intranet, how will you manage, identify and resolve issues with the content, the structure and the management of your intranet?

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Thinking BI - Think Audit First

According to Wikipedia, an audit is a systematic and independent examination of data, statements, records, operations and performances for a stated purpose.

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The Hadron PRIME Series - Readiness & Strategy Assessment

A lot of clients often ask us “what is the best way to engage both users and stakeholders around anything to do with the intranet?”

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The Hadron PRIME Series – The Intranet Audit

Why run a SharePoint intranet audit and how should one go about it?

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The Hadron PRIME Series - The Intranet Survey

Thinking of moving away from your current intranet? Chances are that it is no good if you are.

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Doctor! There’s Something Wrong with my SharePoint!

As busy medics for a wide range of applications, we’ve pretty much seen every performance issue and even mixed up some of our own medicine for making them better.

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RIP: Waterfall BI Projects

Accessibility to the right information, at the right time, and in the right format can be the difference between growing as a strategic and tactical organisation and declining as an uninformed and disorganised business: This information is known as Business Intelligence.

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Self-service Business Intelligence (BI)

As the amount of data grows day by day the demand for data presented in report, dashboard and scorecard form also grows.

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10 top tips to ensure your BI project succeeds

A well-implemented BI solution will provide substantial data-driven insight.

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