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Latest blog post: How to design… anything

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User interfaces are an important part of any product because that’s the part a customer experiences.

On your marks…

It’s a high risk strategy but don’t assume a new undertaking can’t be achieved within a very short time frame.

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Putting people in their place

Assuming the provocative title has piqued your interest into reading the first paragraph, then let me explain…

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Getting to know you…

The very first thing that I did when I was learning how to code was to write a Telephone Directory in BASIC on my BBC Micro.

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Source to action – take your business intelligence solution beyond reporting

At our recent BI event in London, one of our NHS speakers, Paul Morris, Head of BI at The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust talked about the journey they had taken in developing their Coeus BI portal with Cloud2.

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Business intelligence: what really matters to your peers

We posed a number of questions to senior decision makers to discover more about their, and their organisations use of BI tools.

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Delivering a successful enterprise BI project: Part 2

The concluding part of a series about planning and strategy recommendations for BI.

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Delivering a successful enterprise BI project: Part 1

This first of a two part series about planning and strategy recommendations for a successful BI project

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eForms;  facts and fiction

For years you’ve been using paper forms to submit expense claims, but following a strategic review your Finance Director decides that the company needs to automate the process using an electronic form.

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Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today…

According to BPTrends, who surveyed hundreds of companies across the world, only 40% of companies are focused on improving specific departmental level processes.

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Dashboard in a day

I like to think I know a bit about BI. But from the other side of the fence, as a business user.

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The Board and the SharePoint Platypus

Did I say Platypus? Sorry I meant platitude… Platypus are cool, cuddly and can, from what I hear, add value to any organisation and SharePoint project by giving them a warm fluffy feeling.

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Want engaging news portals? Let me show you how

A few months back I was involved in a project to re-engineer a company’s homepage. The customer was complaining that the homepage was not engaging and underutilised.

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What to look for when searching for the right intranet solution

Having worked on both client and agency side specifying websites and the like, I’d hope I’ve developed a pragmatic approach to new web projects.

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Before the technology – Managing documents in SharePoint

In previous blog articles we have considered the importance of Hadron Prime as a way of defining and aligning the strategic objectives for an enterprise intranet.

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The Hadron EMBED Series - Steering Committee

Congratulations are in order, you’ve completed a successful intranet implementation and it appears the entire company loves it! Everyone gets a pat on the back and you assume the task is finished.

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