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Latest blog post: How to design… anything

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User interfaces are an important part of any product because that’s the part a customer experiences.

Office 365 collaboration - somewhere between easy and hard

The Microsoft story around collaboration has never been a straightforward one, with different styles of collaboration from Email, through Skype and into SharePoint.

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Remove a Power BI dashboard page

If you need to remove a Report Page that you’ve pinned to a Power BI Dashboard as a Live Page, don’t despair! Unpinning such a Report Page is easy – once you know where to click and when to scroll.

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Manual vs Repeatable vs Automated BI

BI solutions can take many forms, and use may different technologies; however all BI solutions fall into one of 3 categories and will share many similarities with other BI solutions in the same category.

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The right solution to the wrong problem

Not every problem can be resolved with SharePoint. Providing a fix for this particular NHS issue called for a simple approach.

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Can digital technology help the NHS to transform patient experience?

After witnessing agricultural and industrial revolutions, we are currently experiencing the information revolution.

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Digital workspaces

There’s a new buzzword in town and it’s Digital Workspace.

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A LEAN on the Carter Report

Having read through the Carter Report “Review of operational productivity in NHS providers Interim Report (June 2015)” I was struck.

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Simple steps to branding bliss

Branding is used by organisations to distinguish between products or services. Every organisation should have a current set of brand guidelines that details style and tone across each platform.

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The impact of EU Data Protection Regulation on your SharePoint Collaboration Solution

The purpose of this blog post is to open your eyes to the real challenges we face right now due to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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From eForm to Business Solution

In a previous blog we wrote about eForms, the various technology choices available, the importance of understanding their purpose, and just as importantly, their accessibility.

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Introduction to Power BI

Since Microsoft started releasing BI products with “Power” in their name, the term “Power BI” has been bandied around by Microsoft and BI professionals (including myself) alike.

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The Carter challenge and the dog on a nail

The Carter report “Review of operational productivity in NHS providers” - Interim Report (June 2015) has been cropping up regularly in our conversations with senior NHS management. And for good reason too.

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Agile projects - a personal insight into why I like them

My twelve-year career as a contractor has meant that I have worked in a variety of organisations, and this breadth of experience has allowed me to gain some insight into the different methods of working.

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SharePoint - a strategic platform for business productivity

SharePoint’s a Microsoft platform technology (running on servers or in the cloud) which allows a large range of business solutions to be rapidly built, deployed and managed for any size of organisation.

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Up, up and away!

Handling the Office 365 migration while keeping it on course.

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