Meet the Directors.

Simon and Taran: Digital Transformation directors at Cloud2

Simon and Taran founded Cloud2 on one simple premise: To stop SharePoint projects failing (because, sadly, almost 60% of them do). They’d seen a great deal fail for their previous employer, so they set out to change things.


Between them, Taran and Simon knew projects invariably failed because solutions weren’t adopted. But experience also taught them that, although organisations were different, their needs frequently overlapped.

Customers needed solutions that were 80% developed, 20% customised; hence our 80/20 methodology was born.


The first solution delivered was our flagship intranet, Hadron. It was 80% pre-built (out-of-the-box) and 20% customisable. And the 80/20 methodology still holds true to this day.

Taran and Simon don’t have technical backgrounds, yet are passionate about delivering business solutions to our clients that improve outcomes and make a difference – fast.

In fact, the fastest we’ve delivered a SharePoint project is just six weeks.