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Power BI

Over 60% of BI projects fail. We ensure that yours won’t. We combine global best practice with sophisticated accelerators to optimise Power BI for actionable and intelligent insights.


When moving to the cloud is advantageous but daunting, we lift the veil on the complexity so you can succeed against your business challenges.

Digital workplace

When you’re grappling with a clunky, out-of date-intranet, Hadron boosts you straight into a new digital workspace that enables modern collaboration and business processes.

The digital workspace is a set of digital tools that allow people and content to be available wherever they are to enable new, effective and flexible ways of working.

It boosts your colleagues’ productivity, improves employee engagement, agility, and performance all at once, and therefore offers considerable return on investment. Here are some of the powerful ways we configure your digital workspace to amplify your organisation’s productivity, efficiency and intelligence:


Hadron provides a full enterprise workspace that makes finding and managing documents simple, enables collaboration, aids internal communication and solves business process, while engaging your people.  The efficiency gains can be huge. It’s an easy to navigate intranet mostly pre-built using SharePoint and related technologies, yet customised for your needs. And it's simple and fast to deploy.

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Power BI provides analytics which free up business intelligence teams so they can drive organisational progress. It's fast, intuitive and self-serve, allowing staff to obtain timely and actionable insights, with a shared version of the truth.

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A true directory - Connect delivers information on your colleagues, teams and places organisation-wide. Find the right colleagues and teams, understand where they are located, what they do, and connect these to get work done. Connect manages and links profiles for your staff (using Office 365 profiles), teams, locations and more – which is why we call it our enterprise hub.

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Business processes

Interactive, electronic business processes (using workflows, electronic forms and collaboration technologies) can transform your organisation; especially if you’re still using paper-based systems. Accelerate processes and minimise errors by guiding staff through consistent, parallel and automated processes.

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Predictive analytics

Advanced analytics using machine learning and artificial intelligence offer organisations forecasting capabilities they previously only dreamed about. These help you discover patterns and trends so you can go beyond knowing what’s happened, and transfer knowledge into action to meet your goals for the future.

Predictive analytics

Document management

Electronic document management ensures information is easily accessible, properly managed and governed. Reduce your reliance on paper and increase your organisation’s efficiency gains.

Document management


Individual applications help staff get more done, fast. Bespoke apps, to take care of things like annual leave or expenses, can be built into Hadron, your existing digital workspace or as freestanding solutions that live in Azure - Microsoft’s Cloud platform.


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